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Playing Chicken
Playing Chicken


Boston May 5, 2008 Gallery Anthony Curtis announces its upcoming exhibition by New York artist Cecily Barth Firestein. The exhibition will run from May 21st to June 21. There will be an artist's reception in May 23rd from 5-8pm.

Many years ago, Cecily Barth Firestein decided to abandon oil and canvas to work with paper because she needed a media that would allow her to pause at any time to tend to her newborn. Over forty exhibitions and two grown children later, she is still working with paper because she now can no longer imagine working any other way.

Partially painting, partially monoprint and partially collages, Firestein's work on paper is her own genre that empowers her to portray a complex world that is chaotic and humorless, but nevertheless, still full of intrigue and surprise; not much different from her daily life in Manhattan. Firestein's work promenades and dramatizes the randomness of the world. In a way, painting is her artistic measure to cope with such randomness. At some point, the artist realized that "it is no longer possible to prevent the tumult of the outside world, so clamorous with its noisy, opinionated mass media constantly trying to blur the line between art and entertainment, from stomping into art's private garden. So I welcome it all into my work". Firestein doesn't seem to be interested in passing judgment on this world; she simply observes and then reconstructs it on her large sheet of paper. Sometimes, she pokes fun at its madness, and other times, she confronts it in a subtle way without making too strong a statement.

Firestein embraced the kitsch style long before it became mainstream. That may be a natural result of her "welcome-it-all" philosophy. One needs to look at her work with a more adventurous alter ego. Then one will nod his head, chuckle a little bit and love life more for what it is.

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