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“Got Angels? “ Winter Salon and Virginia’s Buddha Room

Boston—December 3h—2007 Gallery Anthony Curtis announces its upcoming exhibitions: “Got Angels? “ Winter Salon and Virginia’s Buddha Room:

Main Gallery:

Winter salon features a collective show of gallery artists Orna Ben-Shoshan, Petula Bloomfield, Kathleen Cammarata, Chris Chou and Andrew Tavarelli. The exhibition highlights two installations: Kathleen Cammarata’s “Notes on Paintings Past” and Chris Chou’s “Open Book”.

“Notes on Paintings Past” is an interactive exhibition of Kathleen’s paintings, which explore the psychological impact of disconnection between individuals, with her personal notes scripted on the wall. The viewers are encouraged to leave their own notes in graffiti in response to her paintings or other people’s notes. The final result of this viewer-participating process will be an in situ wall piece serves as an antidote of issues such as dysfunctional communication and emotional isolation in our society.

“Open Book” is a painting-text installation by artist Chris Chou. It is an intro- and retrospective visual journal that witnesses the migratory life the artist has led. Chris has followed her calling to live and work in different continental and cultural context and each of her painting tells a story that belongs to a different phase in her life that she wishes to share. This is the first part of Chris’s exhibition in GAC during 2008 Season. In April, the second part of her work “Between” will be staged as a continuation of the artists’ path toward her destination.

Rear Gallery:

Artist Virginia Peck returns to Gallery Anthony Curtis this holiday season to create a Buddha Room. Virginia will transform the rear gallery space into a meditative shrine with her most recent Buddha paintings. To stimulate in visitors a deep sense of inner peace as one would feel when stepping into a Buddhist temple in Asia, the Buddha Room will be installed with antique Buddha sculpture, vintage oriental rugs as well as historical architectural elements salvaged from temples in Thailand and Burma such as door portals, archways and carved window shutters.

As the holiday season tends to be hectic and stressful, Virginia Peck’s Buddha Room will be open to the public as a serene getaway for mindful meditation and breathing exercise during gallery hours or by appointment.

These exhibitions will be on view from December 12th to February 2nd (Dec 24th - Jan 8th, by appointment) at Gallery Anthony Curtis, 186 South Street, Boston, MA 02111. An artists’ reception will be held January 18th from 5 to 8pm.