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Jean-Daniel Rohrer: Recent Paintings

Swiss artist Jean-Daniel Rohrer creates paintings that unfold as collective memory maps of our time. Instead of being specific, Rohrer enshrouds his paintings with ambiguous and mysterious symbols. Visually enticing upon the first glimpse, his paintings engage the viewers on an intellectual level and invoke in them a strong desire to demystify the beauty and messaged hidden underneath the canvas.

Rohrer builds the canvas from its center, often with an image that alludes to a fleeting moment in the ebb and flow of history. He then works outwards to create a complex network of markings: stencil letterings, directional markers, collages of old newspaper and old photographs. His “vocabulary” is rooted in his sensible upbringing and artistic training in Switzerland and further enriched by his keen interest in other cultures and civilizations.

As an artist, Rohrer is empowered by his own unique way of creating images that appeal to a universal appetite of human being’s inquiries into our own origins. His work explores the depth of time and history and underlying connectivity of all humanities.

Meng Zhao: Recent Ceramic Sculpture

Chinese ceramicist Meng Zhao is an artist in residence at the Ceramic Program of Harvard University. Meng has developed a unique approach that combines innovative techniques furthered from traditional Chinese pottery with a deep sense of eastern philosophy and aesthetic. In his recent series “Water”, Meng attempts to capture the spirit of water as an essential element in nature. In Chinese philosophy, water has many different characteristics and it fully embodies the concept of “Yin” and “Yang”. Water can be gentle, soft, and flexible, but it can also be strong, powerful and persistent. As an old Chinese saying goes, small drops of water dig a deep hole in the hardest stone.

Meng has established himself as one of the leading contemporary ceramic artists: He has won numerous prestigious international contests. In 2000, he was the winner of the 3rd Mashico International Pottery Contest in Japan. In 2001, he was named winner of the 1st Ceramic International Competition in Seoul, Korea. Most impressively, he received the gold metal at 53rd International Ceramic Art Competition in Faenza, Italy in 2003; the first and still the only Chinese artist who has ever received this honor.

The exhibition will on view in Gallery Anthony Curtis from November 7th to December 8th with artistsí reception on November 9th, 5-8pm.

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