Gallery Anthony Curtis


“Love Anatomy“ Exhibition

Boston—January19h—2007 Gallery Anthony Curtis announces its upcoming exhibitions: “Love Anatomy “:

Love and sex: these are fundamentals that drive us, and, in a significant way, define us. Gallery Anthony Curtis is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition: Love Anatomy. This collective show was curated to reflect perceptions of love and sex that are highly individual but also relate to and resonate with contemporary viewers.

The ensemble enlists works by a group of American and Canadian artists, including Johanne Cullen, Martin Douvil, Francois Escalmel, Heejung Kim, Marie-Josee Roy, Jerome Prieur and Douglas Prince. While a single gallery show cannot possibly encompass the full spectrum of the actions of love and sex and its wondrous and disastrous consequences, we have invited artists, who, based on their personal life experiences, dissect one or a few aspects of the love and sex within the context of human condition and identity and re-construct them for broad and even universal visual explorations. We strived to be inclusive by selecting artwork that encompasses both platonic and erotic domains, depicts moments that range from tender to volcanic, and covers themes that are heterosexual as well as homosexual by nature.

The media these artists employed are diverse, ranging from painting, sculpture, photograph to video installation. However, the works are unified under a realistic and hyper-realistic aesthetic which carries real-life emotions that are, sometimes explicit and quick-for-grasp but more often raw and ambiguous.

This exciting exhibition will be on view from February 6th to March 8th at Gallery Anthony Curtis, 186 South Street, Boston, MA 02111. An artists’ reception will be held February 8th from 5 to 8pm.

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