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Sticker Shock By Nancy Baker
"Sticker Shock" Installation by Nancy Baker


Boston — March 3, 2008 Gallery Anthony Curtis announces its upcoming exhibitions: "Nancy Baker: Waiting for My Prince" and "EUART: A Love Tribute of Italian Contemporary Artists Touring the States":

Nancy Baker: Waiting for My Prince

Depending on one's perception, or the level of monoamines in the brain really, the world can be a rather drab and messy place clogged with nonsense. To Nancy Baker, a painter originally from NYC and now based in Raleigh, N.C., that is the point exactly. Life can be random and dubious, like fragments of dreams one tries to puzzle into something logic in the morning, only to find it futile. Some people shrug their shoulders and wave them away, some people simply deny them, but Baker embraces them, with pride and humor, and turns them into telling art.

As an academic painter, Baker paints impeccably, yet her old-master evoking approach is surprisingly and pleasantly contrasted by the seemingly childlike juxtaposition of her subjects, which scatter from the castles and knights in Medieval Europe, to the tropical jungles in the Far East where exotic birds glide and bejeweled goddess rules, to a possible alien takeover and a war that is fought without certainty. Her often unexpected assemblage of art history, anthropology and pop culture raises many important questions that demand debates, yet Baker prefers to do so with not just dignity but also a sense of whim. The kitschy appearance of her work is meant to enlighten the viewers while sparing them the tasteless doctrines one often has to endure in order to get to the truth.

EUART: A Love Tribute of Italian Contemporary Artists Touring the States

EUART, a touring exhibition that showcases contemporary Italian artists in the United States, is a project conceived by Ilaria Niccolini and Stefano Matini out of their shear passion to share Italian artists with the world. That impetus has resulted in a flood of cultural exchange between the two countries as well as communications and collaborations through an exciting new mean: art.

Gallery Anthony Curtis is pleased to host EUART as it stops in Boston. The gallery exhibition is to follow the opening gala in Consulate General of Italy presented by The Consul General Liborio Stellino and Mrs. Teresa Abbundo Stellino. The artists included in this show are Bruna Lanza, Roby Carullo, Veronica Francione, Clara Menerella, Massimo Sansavini, Lucia Cecchi, Monica Cecchi, Silvano Picchi. All talents featured in the show have deep cultural roots set down in the Italian artistic tradition that is known to be refined and sophisticated, yet they have also grown from that tradition to become a part of the global contemporary art phenomena. Many of their work concern topics that are beyond the Italian borders, which in turn place these artists on an international stage.

Art is universal, but in reality it is often confined by localities. The mission of EUART is to break the boundary and make the Italian art a part of authentic American experience.

This exciting exhibition will be on view from March 12th to April 12th at Gallery Anthony Curtis, 186 South Street, Boston, MA 02111. An artists’ reception will be held March 14th from 5 to 8pm.

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