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Boston--April 24th--2007 Gallery Anthony Curtis is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition "the Encounter of Buddha". This exhibition is an innovative collaboration between the gallery and MA artist Virginia Peck, whose sole artistic subject is Buddha. Virginia's contemporary Buddha paintings will be juxtaposed with installations of antique Buddha statues from Southeast Asia. Some of her paintings were inspired by viewing the antique Buddha installations that will be featured in this exhibition. The exhibition will be a chance meeting of the East and the West, the inspiration and the inspired, and the traditional and the innovative.

In Southeast Asian nations, Buddhism is not just a religion, but also a way of life. One essential element in Buddhism is icon-worship. Because of the doctrines of Theravada Buddhism, the Buddha images in Southeast Asia have the appearance of a solitary and humble human instead of a supreme god. Characteristic use of materials and design of the facial expression and hand gestures (mudra) further set these images apart as a distinctive category of iconography. These icons have played and are still playing a pivotal role in the spiritual lives of the people in this region. In America, Buddhism iconography has always been a cultural phenomenon as well as an artistic inspiration. In their search for inner serenity, artists often discover these Buddha images because of the ineffable peace they invoke. Virginia Peck is such an American Artist. Her love for portrait-painting and her search for peace in art and life have led her artistic endeavors to the painting of the Buddha. Using a vigorous approach, Virginia depicts different expressions of the Buddha with bold colors and rich textures she patiently builds upon canvas. st.

The exhibition will be on view from May 11th to June 9th in Gallery Anthony Curtis. A wine and cheese reception for the artist will be held on May 11th from 5-8pm.