Gallery Anthony Curtis
Landscape: a place on earth, a place in mind

Paintings by
Kathleen Cammarata

Sculptures by
Nancy Selvage


Kathleen Cammarata and Nancy Selvage: This is About Us
In Association with Mass Audubon Society

Boston--June 11th—2007 Gallery Anthony Curtis announces its upcoming exhibition: “This is About Us”. This exhibition is produced in association with Mass Audubon Society and features the recent paintings of Kathleen Cammarata and the map vessel series of Nancy Selvage. Through different media, Kathleen and Nancy both explore many of the important environmental and social issues that we currently face: land preservation, drinking water shortages, pollution, energy shortages, climate change, and global warming. As the largest nature conservation organization in New England, Mass Audubon Society has been a strong advocate for sound environmental policies at local, state and federal levels since 1896. The messages conveyed in this exhibition resonate with the mission of the Society. To help further the Society’s efforts, Gallery Anthony Curtis will be promoting membership in the Society and donating a portion of the exhibition’s proceeds to the Society.

Sculptor Nancy Selvage’s large ceramic vessels reflect the artist’s keen observations on environmental and social conflicts nationally and worldwide. Nancy engraves geographic maps of states or countries on the surface of the vessels and further links them to a specific issue that local people are challenged with. The aesthetics are beautifully wed to the meaning. For instance, on “Catchall”, the front of the vessel is engraved with an aerial map of Massachusetts Bay, which is haunted by an image on the back depicting a fisherman catching a fish. This raises the issue of over-fishing in the bay.

If the messages in Nancy’s work are conspicuously alarming, the paintings of Kathleen Cammarata are subtler in their philosophical narrative. In "Night's Inventions" the landscape is fragmented, almost bonelike, with large and small planets moving through the spaces. At the tips of some fragments are touches of warm green symbolizing new growth. As a story teller, Kathleen dissects the complex relationships between human activities and their impact on our planet. She is conceptually concerned with how our universe is frequently defined and re-defined on both microscopic and macroscopic levels because of our own forever-evolving perceptions of it.

Both artists’ work examines our current standing at this critical time; a time when we can still choose science over ignorance and responsibility over negligence to build a harmonious relationship with our surroundings. Fundamentally, their art is about us as the dwellers of the planet and as an entity of existence within our temporal and spatial dimensions.

The exhibition will be on view from July 10 - August 4 at Gallery Anthony Curtis, 186 South Street, Boston, MA 02111. An artists’ reception, hosted by Ms Laura Johnson, the President of Mass Audubon Society, will be held on July 12th 5-8 pm. Kathleen Cammarata and Nancy Selvage will give Gallery Talks on August 2nd, 6-7 pm.

"The Light Bulb" by guest artist Warren Mather