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Wanderlust: Paintings by Adria Arch, William Bateman, Gillian Frazier, Lise Lemeland, Petula Bloomfield and Filiz Emma Soyak

with Special Guest Andrew Tavarelli

Boston—August 1th—2007 Gallery Anthony Curtis announces its upcoming exhibition: "Wanderlust." This exhibition features the paintings selected from the portfolios of a group of Massachusetts and New York artists: Adria Arch, William Bateman, Gillian Frazier, Lise Lemeland, Petula Bloomfield and Filiz Emma Soyak. Amidst different styles and backgrounds, each artist seeks to interconnect their own imagination with the art of a specific place and time. Their works provide unique and innovative portals into fascinating and exotic places at all corners of the earth.

Artist Adria Arch’s "Labyrinth Series" is inspired by her travels in Australia where she studied the unique “dreaming” way contemporary Aboriginal artists express themselves. By following a similar meditative process of creating boldness and fluidity, she has been able to simultaneously gain contemplation while fully exploring her love of intricate patterns and vivid colors

With reference to ancient Mayan motifs as well as Miro-like strokes, artist William Bateman animates his signature intertwined patterns as an example of how an ancient mystery can be mutated into an expression of simultaneous existence of chaos and order in the urban life. There is an unexpected playfulness in his work that somehow allows the viewer’s imagination to freely explore the interconnection of our past and future.

Artist Gillian Frazier creates fluid nature forms in her layered mixed media paintings. She initiates each work with spontaneous brush strokes and then layers her work with acrylic washes, oil paint, and thin glazes. Representing either an up close slice of nature or a highly extracted depiction of the essence of beings, she brings an Eastern aesthetic to her work through "calligraphic-like" trees and textile patterning

Deeply metaphorical, artist Lise Lemeland fully embraces the decorative force in art by re-contextualizing images and patterns she finds in textiles, rugs, and weavings. She integrates Asian motifs such as the dragons on Chinese imperial court robes with European laces to create an extravagant visual splendor, in which the symbolisms of these contradictory patterns are fully contrasted and then united.

Concerned with human’s often obsessive search for their identity, artist Petula Bloomfield creates densely layered paintings to conceptualize this universal struggle. Seeking to represent the variation of human presence in disparate cultures throughout history, she hopes that "the presence of the undefined figure in my paintings may stimulate a psychological interplay between the inner and outer environments."

Artist Filiz Emma Soyak finds her narrative depth in worn surfaces and overlooked objects. Her upbringing in Japan instilled in her a strong eastern philosophy. She was intrigued by the Japanese way of balancing a reverence of the past with a willingness to embrace changes. Her work is a balance between complimentary mediums and color schemes that she describes as "abstractly meditative, full of depth and open to interpretation".

This exhibition will be on view from August 8th to September 1st at Gallery Anthony Curtis, 186 South Street, Boston, MA 02111. An artists’ reception will be held August 10th from 5 to 8pm.